Visiting Estonia in COVID times (I)

I know that it is not the best moment to write this kind of post, but sooner or later we will be able to travel again.

May be you remember that I have applied for a LHV bank account and I have been pre-aproved, so I had to travel to Estonia to visit a branch of this bank. We went last summer, when it was possible to travel between some EU countries.

Before to traveling to Estonia checked weekly its website about Information on countries and restriction on freedom of movement requirements for passengers

Check if you are able to travel to Estonia and if 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement applies or not.

Well, we were able to travel to Estonia, so I booked a flight and an apartment.

We arrived at Tallinn airport on Saturday at about 22:00. It’s a small airport very close to the city. We walked to the bus stop and some minutes later we got on the bus. If you don’t have a bus ticket you can buy it using your credit card.

15 minutes later we were in our home for a week, a cozy apartment very well located: supermarket, bus and tramway stops, shopping center, close to Tallinn old town:

Design Awarded, next to Old Town, city centre

There we ate a sandwich. We had some sandwiches because when we arrived, it was too late to buy something in the supermarket or find a restaurant.

Finally, after unpacking we went to Tallinn downtown, it was a nice walk on the night. There we enjoyed a little bit of Estonian night life and our first beer in the most important square of the city, Raekoja Plats:

After that we went back to our apartment to rest and to be ready for our first full day in Estonia.

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