Estonian IBAN (October 2021)

The number of banks and fintechs that can offer us an Estonian IBAN has changed a lot since I wrote the first post about this topic. Fortunately, now there are more options.

Read the last post on e-Residency blog about business banking:

This is a comparison based on e-Residency Marketplace and their websites:

Bank/Fintech nameCoop
Estonian IBANYes Yes Yes Yes
Account opening fee200,00-500,00€200,00€Free?99,99€
Minimum Monthly fee20,00€20,00€149,00€19,99€
Card Monthly feeFree2,00€9,00€9,99€
Share capitalYesYes??
Strong connection to EstoniaYesYesNoNo
Must travel to EstoniaYesYesNoNo

Please, check prices on their websites before to apply for an account, they may change.

If you want more information you can visit the e-Residency Marketplace:

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