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After the post about applying for a LHV account, I planned a post about traveling to Estonia to sign the documents in a LHV branch and visiting this beautiful country, but I think that now it is not the right time to write a post about traveling, so instead of that post, I am writing this one about the ‘Annual Report’.

All Estonian companies have to submit the Annual Report. The deadline is 6 months after the end of the financial year. Usually the end the financial year is December 31th, so the deadline is the June 30th.

But, if your company has been created between July and December you don’t have to submit the annual report after the end of first financial year, you have to do it at the end of the second financial year. For example:

Company creationFirst annual report before

You can fill yourself the annual report in the Company Registration Portal:

But in my opinion it is better to ask for help to your accountant or service provider the first time that you have to submit the report.

If you want you can visit the Estonian Marketplace and search for partners that can help you to fill and submit it:

Of course, the accounting must be done before submitting the annual report, because you must fill the total assets, profit…

If your business does not have any economic activities you have to submit the annual report as well, but in this case you can do yourself as you can read in this post:

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