Share capital

What is it?

According to Collins Dictionary: A company’s share capital is the money that shareholders invest in order to start or expand the business.

Moreover the Share capital is a proof that you own the company and how many of it you own when there are more than one shareholder.

Social capital is a very important indicator of a company’s confidence. Do not trust large companies with small social capital.

The minimum share capital for a Estonian OÜ is 2500€ and you have 10 years to pay it.

Although you can delay the share capital payment 10 years, in my opinion, it is better to pay it as soon as possible because a company with full share capital payed become more reliable. Remember that Estonia is full transparent and it is very easy to know if the share capital of you company have been payed or not.

How to pay it?

You pay it by sending the money from you personal bank account to the business bank account, for this reason you have to choose the right bank or fintech. When you transfer the money the subject must be ‘Share capital’.

Check the Marketplace:

Once the full share capital have been payed you have to ask to your bank or fintech for a proof of that and then send this proof to your service provider in order to update your company status.

I used Paysera to pay the share capital.



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