Two years ago I picked-up my e-Residency kit in Paris. It was a stressful weekend but at the end everything went fine.

Two years later it’s time to recap and I want to start with a list of my partners. Usually I spent some time choosing them, because of that all of them are still my partners. These are my main partners:

Legal address + Virtual office + Authorized contact person

Nordic Consult:

Margus Laar is an honest person who can be totally trusted. For example, he explained me that I didn’t need monthly accounting instead of charging me a monthly fee for it.

Website and domains:


I choose them because is an Estonian Company. The prices are affordable and it’s a way to increase your connection to Estonia.


I wanted to start a blog about investing on Estonia that’s why I am testing a lot of ways to invest. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet enough knowledge to start this blog.


Mintos, a global marketplace for investing in loans, is a go-to investment platform where retail investors can invest in a diversified way in income-producing assets to build wealth in the long term.


EstateGuru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans.


Funderbeam is a global equity funding and trading platform. We connect a diverse investor network with highly vetted growth companies across international markets and, through The Marketplace, allow private investments to be traded.


Founded in 2014, Crowdestate is the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe with 14.62% annual return rate, 61006 active users from 123 countries and 406 investment opportunities.


Reinvest24 team is working with the real-estate market since 2005 and during this time they were involved with project development, investments in real-estate, property sales and maintenance.


Iuvo was founded in July 2016 as a P2P platform, which allows its users to invest in loans, granted by credit companies (originators). The investors can make a motivational profit, and the originators benefit by the extra funds to help them expand their business.

Landex: Referral Code: 4V10O

LandEx was created out of a personal need. It was hard for the founders, themselves all retail investors, to invest in sustainable land. Land was hard to source, manage and the minimum investment requirement to create a diversified portfolio needed a lot of money. They thought there might be other investors like them: retail investors that would like to make land investments but who don’t have the capital, time or expertise to buy whole properties for themselves, yet who want to invest in land, sustainably.

Bank accounts


It was my first bank account. It’s very easy to open an account. Read my post about that. You can use it to pay the share capital and the fees are affordable.


My second bank account. To open a LHV account is a long process, but fortunately I managed it. The fees are a little expensive but when I opened the account it was the only way to have an Estonian IBAN.


It’s very easy to open an account. They provide Estonian IBANs and the fees are affordable. Nowadays they are not in the e-Residency Marketplace, but they have applied for it.

Some links on this page are referral links. They help us to pay the web hosting and to continue posting.

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