Establishing a company

I had my e-Resident kit, I tested it and it worked fine. So I could establish my company. But before of that I had to select a service provider, a company that help me and also a virtual office, because it is mandatory to have a virtual office (legal address & contact person) located in Estonia.

When I need a new service, a new partner, … I visit the Estonian Marketplace:

There I filter the service that I need, then I compare prices, services and restrictions.

There were a lot of companies that could help me, but I couldn’t afford the monthly fee (about 60€). Finally I found a company with affordable fees Nordic Consult:
  • Company formation (including state fee) — 240 EUR
  • Legal address & contact person — 125 EUR/Year

Then I visited their web, it is not an impressive website, but be careful with impressive websites, sometimes that is the best of the company and the services aren’t so best.

I sent them an e-mail and they tell me that I didn’t need monthly accounting because I didn’t pay monthly salaries and issued a few number of invoices.

They are very clear about the services they offer. For example they won’t help you to open a bank account, that is a task that must do on your own.

I wanted to wait until the next year to establish the company, because it was on December. But I didn’t know that if you create a company from July to December you don’t have to submit the annual report the next year. So I established my company before the end of the year. The process was very simple and fast.

I am happy with their services. Next December I will renew the Legal address & contact person service.

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