Paris mon amour

Well, finally I chose Paris as my pick up location. There are some cities that I would love to visit once a year, Paris is one of them.

I planned a romantic weekend with my wife, but, sometimes things doesn’t happen as expected.

Paris – France

Some days before our trip French people went on strike. Trust me, French strikes are really STRIKES.

We woke up very early to avoid issues while driving to Perpignan airport. We arrived there without any issue but we had to spend a lot of time waiting the flight departure time.

The weather was good during the flight and we arrived to Paris on time. But there, only a few number of subway line worked. Fortunately, one of them had a station near our hotel.

We visited a lot of museums, as we planned, but we had to walk a lot because the strike. There were a lot of police and a lot of noisy on the streets. We found also many electric scooters lying on the street.

Paris was not as romantic as I thought.

And finally the day arrived, we went to Estonian Embassy. We arrived one hour before the appointment because moving around Paris was very difficult and I didn’t want to be late. We had a coffee, the we rang the bell of the embassy. There everything were well and quickly. Meanwhile my wife took some information about Estonia because we wanted to visit this beautiful country.

Our trip were almost finished we had to go to the airport but it was not easy as I thought. We went to a train station but only a few number of trains worked. The station was becoming crowded and more people came. Finally a train arrived we took it, the fact is that we had to take it, the crowded pushed us. Some stations later the train stopped and we had to get off the train. After some minutes waiting another train arrived but we had to change to another platform. This one was not so crowded and the journey to the airport was more pleasant. At the airport everything went fine but the last minutes of the flight before to arrive to Perpignan were not very pleasant. There, the wind that comes from the North is very hard, really hard, and it was a windy day. Fortunately, the pilot of the plane was good and we landed without too much trouble.

I am going to wait some years before to visit Paris again.

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