Before to start the journey

Every journey is different. Plan your own journey.

If you think that e-Residency is a good tool four you and/or for you business, PLEASE, make you own research. Every journey is different.

DON’T ask generic question on forums, Facebook pages, … for example:

Hi guys, do you think that e-Residency is good for dropshipping?

The rules are not the same for everybody or every business. They are different depending where you live: in an EU country, in the USA, in South America, in Australia, in Indonesia, … depending on what you sale: physical or digital goods, depending on the number of customers and suppliers, …

Doing your own research you will find people and business that are similar to you or your idea. Ask them concrete questions, I am sure that most of them will help you.

I had a doubt about opening a bank account. I found a Slovakian developer that have an Estonian company and sells apps like me. He helped me to choose the right bank.

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