Some interesting posts

I was checking my Linkedin and I found this posts about e-Residency.

They have been written by an e-Resident who lives in Germany.

At the moment he wrote 5 posts about e-Residency and how to manage a company remotely:

101: Why to Set up Shop in Estonia: This is a practical introduction to Estonia’s e-Residency. We cover reasons for incorporating in Estonia, downsides, and tax implications 101.
102: Taxation and Cash Flow: This post explains what your take-home looks like when running an Estonian e-biz compared to regular freelance activity.
103: Becoming an e-Resident: This post shows my process of becoming an Estonian e-Resident. Step-by-step.
104: Incorporating in Estonia: In this post, I explain how third-party service providers help you to incorporate a business in Estonia.
105: Running an e-Business: This post covers the minimum viable tech stack, the costs, and the effort to run an Estonian e-business.

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