Strong connection to Estonia

This is the big question for a lot of e-Residents. How to get a strong connection to Estonia? Usually Estonian banks ask you to have this connection to open a bank account.

At the beginning I thought that I had two options: buy a house in Estonia or marry an Estonian. But I don’t have enough money for the first one and my wife wouldn’t like the second one.

So I must search a new way to get this strong connection. The fact is the answer is quite easy, be grateful. Estonia gave you the e-Residency so get as many Estonian partners as you can.

Following these tips I achieved to open a LHV bank account:

  • Get an Estonian phone number. Maybe nobody will call you but your company will become more reliable.
  • Get an Estonian domain .ee for you company.
  • Invest in Estonian Real Estate. I don’t like to have money ‘sleeping’ in a bank account. I prefer to invest it. Nowadays there a lot of options two invest starting at 100€ or even less of that.

These are my partners:

Estonian phone number:

The SIM card costs only 10€ and you can buy 10€ of credit for calls and texts

At the beginning I got an Estonian phone number using Skype, but then I switched to Travelsim because it was cheaper.

Estonian domain, hosting, Cloud server, …

Investing in Estonian Startups:

If you can invest for the long term it is a good option but not for the short term. Currently I am investing in 3 companies, 2 of them are Estonian.

Investing in Estonian Real Estate:

Nowadays I am investing in all of them but I prefer Estateguru. I don’t know why, maybe because it was the first one.

I invested in Estonian, Finnish and German Real Estate. Some of them had payment delays but none of them were from Estonia, Now I invest only in Estonian properties.

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