Invest in Estonia

Invest in Estonia

I have been waiting a long time before to start this blog. Two years ago I incorporated a company in Estonia, it’s a small company, for me is something like a hobby. Fortunately I have other incomes and I don’t need the money generated by my company so I invest it.

I have been reading a lot of books, posts, websites, … and the first advice is invest as a company, it’s better than investing as an individual. As a company usually you have more options to reduce the taxes to pay. But you must check this advice in you country, where you are a tax resident.

Investing as an individual, usually, you have to pay taxes each year for the benefits. As a company in Estonia you don’t have to pay taxes until the benefits are distributed, so you can reinvest them and generate more benefits.

Nowadays I am investing on P2P loans, real estate loans, startups stocks and rental projects. All of them have pros and cons. Usually they are passive investments, but you must be aware if something changes in the local or global economy.

Follow this blog, I am going to explain you how I invest.

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